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Don’t Be a Distracted Driver

Robin Binkley: Hi there. It’s Robin Binkley with Allstate Insurance again. I’m just leaving hiking on a beautiful day in Prescott, Arizona, and just wanted to send you a blog post from my car. I hope that none of you think that I’m driving. I’m an insurance agent. Of course, I wouldn’t be. I do want to talk about driving and being distracted, though. I’m excited to know that Yavapai County in Arizona has instituted a distracted driving law. I was hit by a distracted driver in 1993, and I was in rehab for over a year, so this subject is pretty passionate for me.
I do X the Text programs in local high schools because this is such an important subject. Did you know that nine people a day die from distracted driving? More than a hundred are injured every day. Please, folks, go into your settings and put your phone on a mode where it can tell people that you’re not available to take a call at that time because you’re driving. If you do send a text or look at a text, you are distracted for five seconds. You could move up to the length of a football field in that amount of time. Please consider 2019 the year that you put away the phone while you’re driving, and keep everybody safe on the roads. Thank you. Happy 2019.