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Health insurance helps people pay for medical care. This includes things such as hospital stays, exams, lab tests, medication and personal medical equipment. Since healthcare is so expensive, some people need insurance to help lighten the burden. Without insurance, even fewer people would have access to medical care.

Health insurance is for anyone who needs it. Even if you’re healthy, you need insurance. You never know when you will get ill. Children need insurance coverage as well.

Health insurance is usually valid for a limited term such as a year. When the term ends, policyholders renew or modify their plans to keep coverage. Monthly premiums and co-pays are required as well. Co-payments also have to be paid for drug prescriptions that are filled in pharmacies.

Types of Coverage

Basic health insurance covers costs associated with preventive services such as annual physicals at primary care physicians. It also pays a portion of comprehensive diagnostics and treatments. Most insurance plans do not provide compensation for cosmetic procedures. The only exception is if the procedure is done exclusively for medical purposes. For instance, insurance will pay for a nose job if the nose is causing breathing problems. For disabled and elderly people, homecare can be covered by a policy.


Health insurance basically assures the policyholder will have access to medical coverage. They won’t have to worry about getting into debt or being turned away from medical facilities. Some insurance plans even cover mental health services, such as psychiatric facilities. “